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Gundren Rockseeker
Sildar Hallwinter
Tharden & Nundro Rockseeker: Gundren’s brothers involved in searching for Wave Echo Cave.
Iarno Albrek: Human Wizard in Philandin who Sildar is looking for. Identified as Glasstaff: leader of the Redbrand Ruffians.
Klarg: Bugbear managing the goblin crew in Cragmaw Hideout.
Yeemik: Goblin 2nd in command in Cragmaw Hideout.
King Grol: Leader of the Cragmaw tribe. Lives in Cragmaw Castle.
The Black Spider: ?? Gave orders to the goblins to deliver Gundren.
Halia Thornton: Guildmaster who runs the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange.
Qelline Alderleaf: Runs Alderleaf Farm in Phandalin with her son Carp.
Sister Garaele: Scholarly acolyte in the Shrine of Luck.
Harbin Wester: Current Townmaster of Phandalin.
Daren Edermath: Retired adventurer who now runs an orchard in Phandalin.
Elmar Barthen: Owns and operates Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin.
Toblin Stonehill: Runs Stonehill Inn with his wife Trilena and son Pip.
Agatha: Banshee who is sought after as an oracle of sorts.


Cragmaw Hideout: A hidden cave near the intersection of The High Road and Triboar Trail.
Philandin: A frontier settlement off Triboar Trail; built upon the ruins of a much older town.
Wyvern Tor: Prominent landmark east of Phandalin. This outcrop is named for the former nest of dangerous wyverns that lived there.
Conyberry: An old town that lies in ruins east of Phandalin. Somewhere near there is the lair of Agatha the banshee.
Tresandar Manor: Large abandoned house on the east side of Phandalin. Rumored to be the base for the Redbrands.

Completed Quest

  • Deliver wagon to Bartham’s Provisions
  • Investigate the ambush and track goblin back to hideout.
  • Save Sildar Hallwinter and defeat Klarg at the Cragmaw Hideout.
  • Drive Redbrands out of town and defeat their leader, still need to talk with Halia.
  • Find Cragmaw Castle

Current Quests

  • Sildar wants you to find Gundren Rockseeker and the map to Wave Echo Cave and the Lost Mine of Phandelver. He thinks the goblins are holding Gundren at the castle they mentioned while he was captured. He has requested you track down the site and kill or drive off the goblin infestation. He said it must be near the Triboar trail due to the raids.
  • Halia thinks the Redbrands are a problem. They loiter around the sleeping giant tap house. She believe they have a base under Tresendar Manor.
    She will pay 100gp if you eliminate their leader, Glasstaff and bring me any correspondence found.
  • Garaele’s superiors have asked her to persuade a banshee named Agatha to answer a question about a spellbook. After seeking out the lair, she could not find the creature. Garaele believes a suitable gift would persuade the Banshee to appear. She has provided a jeweled silver comb and wishes you to ask about a spellbook belonging to a legendary mage named Bowgentle.
  • Darran Edermath has heard stories from prospectors in the hills northeast of Phandalin that someone is digging around in the ruins of Old Owl Well. Several have reported being chased from the area by undead.
    Please go find out what’s going on.
  • Harbin has asked if you may head east to where orcs raiders have been reported near Wyvern Tor. He wants us to “Take care of the problem.”


  • Sildar says the goblins referred to a Cragmaw Castle.
  • A goblin in the Redbrands hideout said Gundren was taken to their castle but didn’t give up a location
  • Sister Garaele recently left town and returned injured and exhausted.
  • Daran Edermath used to be an adventurer (like yourselves but took an arr-)
    Orcs have been raiding eastern Triboar Trail, and the Townmaster is looking for someone to run them off.
  • Thel Dendrar was killed standing up against the Redbrands. They took his body, and later kidnapped his wife and two children.
  • Carp Alderleaf found a secret tunnel in the woods, and the Redbrands almost caught him.
  • The Redbrands hassle every business except for the Miner’s Exchange.
  • Qelline Alderleaf, the halfling farmer, suggested if the group was out searching for goblin hideouts that an old family friend, Reidoth, a druid of Neverwinter Woods could be of some help, she last heard he was heading to the ruined town of Thundertree.
  • The druid Reidoth in Thundertree can help lead you to the Cave, but it’s dangerous; he’ll only help you’ve proven yourselves by driving the green dragon out of town.
  • Parley was given by the dragon, Venomfang, and she has agreed to leave the ruins if she could take the Castle you we’re talking about. On the condition the group clears it of King Grol and the Cragmaw goblins first.
  • Reidoth did map out direction to the abandoned castle the Cragmaw goblins have overtaken.
  • Masked guys with robes confronted the green dragon, their meeting did not go well. Venomfang called them “Dragon Cult fools.”

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